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Double Edged

Heavy Metal
Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Comment from Scotty McGuire: “Mike Brown, is the lead singer's name. He was looking to put together a band and I hooked him up with a few people to audition for him at a small Church, named “Pinnacle Church.” It transitioned very quickly, I believe into six members. I never got to know the other members that well. And this is the second of two demo tapes. I still have them both somewhere I think. They did have a manager but everyone was working full-time jobs and Mike had a habit of being chronically late in those days. Thanks for sharing. Yes all of their songs were good on both demo tapes. And I remember the first one being the best of the two because of a talented keyboardist who added some Ozzy Osborne-type song lead-ins, and made the songs sound fuller. Had someone noticed they would have been big because Mike's voice was so good that he could sound and imitate many other singers at will.”


198? Demo #1
1989? Demo #2
1990? Devil Destroyers

Demo #1

198? Independent

Demo #2

1989? Independent

Mike Brown - Vocals, bass
Scotty McGuire

This tape was reviewed in White Throne in issue number 5 from 1989, so it was possibly released that year. It was also listed as “Demo #2.” The reviewer mentioned two guitarists, but gave no names.

  1. Bloody Promise
  2. Eternal Life
  3. Devil Destroyers
  4. You Can Go On
  5. Is Anybody Listening?
  6. Early Grave
  7. No Trouble

Devil Destroyers

1990? Independent

Mike Brown - Lead vocals, bass
Larry Hahs - Lead guitar
Jeames McElroy - Guitars, vocals on “Waste of Time”
Eddie Kuhn - Drums

R. Boyd - All keyboards

This tape was reviewed in White Throne in issue number 8 from 1991, but the reviewer mentioned they had been putting off the review for a long time. Therefore, the best guess is that it was released in 1990, but this may not be correct.

  1. Bloody Promise
  2. No Trouble
  3. Devil Destroyers
  4. Waste of Time
  5. Early Grave
  6. Let My People Go