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Duane M. Evarts

Rock\Punk Rock
Lakewood, California, USA

From Facebook: “The song is called… “I Won't Let Go of the Holy Ghost” and I humorously refer my faux band that recorded this song as… EAR FATIGUE. You'll know why if you turn it up real loud and listen to it all the way through!


Sometime in 1981, several of my friends suggested that I stop writing so many Christian “oldie-but-goodie-surfer-rapture-parody” songs and try some more “current… popular… hip… cool” songs. I was reluctant to the thought, but was willing to keep an open mind.

One evening I walked in on my Mom watching Columbo, Banacek, Hart-to-Hart or some other “who dun it?” TV drama of the era only to find her tapping her foot during a commercial for Sergio Valenti jeans - “Oh, Oh, Sergio” (google it).

As I watched her “rocking out” to this disco-style commercial jingle, I pondered if it could be made into a full-length Christian song, but not sound so “disco-ish”. Bear in mind, as a budding recording engineer/producer and real music artist, I was as opposed to disco music as anyone could be at that time. After all, this was the post-metal, pre-grunge era of the short-lived speed-metal music genre (for those keeping track).

So I set about learning the tune and writing some new lyrics. This was such a departure for me musically and there were VERY FEW people that EVER heard this song until now.

For you enjoyment and edification, I am pleased to share the first of my two (and only two) hard-core metal-style songs, neither of which were ever used on tour or previously released.”

Evarts also worked with Lost & Found, Wings of Faith, Whitestone, Psalter, The Greg Eccles Project, Changes, and most bands that worked with Harpazo! Ministries in their “State of the Heart” studios.