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Death Metal / Deathcore / Nu-Metal
Arlington, Texas, USA

Embodyment began playing shows when they were about 14 years old (under the name Supplication) around the Ft. Worth/Dallas area. The recorded a demo called Persisent Sin under that name, but it is unknown if it was ever released until they changed names. Several copies of the tape with Embodyment on it are known to exist, but none with Supplication (so far, at least). They were a death metal band until 1998 when they switched to deathcore on the album Embrace the Eternal. Finally they changed into a nu-metal band on the album The Narrow Shape of Things and have stayed with this style on every album since.


1993 Persistent Sin
1994 Corrosion of the Flesh
1996 Embodyment
1998 Embrace the Eternal Solid State Records
1999 1993-1996 (compilation) Solid State Records
2000 The Narrow Scope of Things Solid State Records
2002 Hold Your Breath Solid State Records
2002 Songs for the Living XS Records
2011 Forgotten (EP) SFC, Inc

Persistent Sin

1993 Independent

Taylor Smith - Lead vocals, lead guitars
Jason Lindquist - Lead vocals, rhythm guitars
Andrew Godwin - Lead & rhythm guitars
Kevin Donnini Bass, vocals
Mark Garza - Drums

  1. Satan's Mendacity
  2. The Garden
  3. Persistent Sin
  4. The Lost

Corrosion of the Flesh

1994 Independent

Andrew Godwin - Guitar, vocals
Jason Lindquist - Guitars
Kevin Donnini - Bass, vocals
Mark Garza - Drums

  1. Cryptic Descension (0:36)
  2. Dismembering Death (3:00)
  3. Stillborn Natality (4:24)
  4. Entropy (3:08)
  5. Shroud of Darkness (4:21)
  6. Legion of Damnation (3:16)


1996 Independent

Kris McCaddon - Vocals
James Lanigan - Guitars
Andrew Godwin - Guitars
Kevin Donnini - Bass
Mark Garza - Drums

  1. Religious Infamy (5:41)
  2. Golgotha (5:07)
  3. Persecute Me (4:26)

To Be Continued…