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Eric H

Experimental/Alternative Rock
San Dimas, California, USA

“Back in college some friends recorded some songs…. The influences included the likes veterans Daniel Amos and DEVO - along with some side-path experimental artists such as Laurie Anderson, The Residents as well as the Pebbles and Bam Bam duet. Some songs were “performed” at various minor gigs…. It's probably needless to say that these tunes are dripping with irony, contain much humor, and on occasion might even fit the category of “student art” (although the songs do have a point - at least most of them : ) - every now and then a listener might stumble upon something very serious). There is a certain Erasmus-ian In Praise of Folly element to much of the lyrical content which can certainly be influential - as “Folly” was on Luther, although I make no claims to be much of either of the aforementioned. ”


1988 Potluck Suicide
1991 Stan was a Plush Toy
1993-4 We've Never Listened to Marc Plainguet (but we'd probably like his stuff) unreleased

Potluck Suicide

1988 Independent

All Songs written and performed by Eric H
Additional background vocals provided by John R. Mabry

  1. Pastor on a Stick
  2. As One (reprise)
  3. She Had Red Hair
  4. Only Living Together
  5. Doin Disney on a Sunday Morn
  6. Cabbage
  7. Gimme My Donkeys
  8. Potluck Suicide
  9. That Thing
  10. Communion Cavity
  11. When We'll Be As One

Stan Was a Plush Toy

1991 Independent

All Songs written and performed by Eric H except
#14 written by Herbert Tovey, adopted by Eric H
#15 written by Eric H and John R. Mabry

  1. Empty Train
  2. Stan's Prelude
  3. '62 Sandcastle
  4. Church Boy
  5. Billy Likes to Swing
  6. Sleep
  7. Stan Was a Plush Toy
  8. The Deep End
  9. Sandmaster
  10. Celestial Cupcakes
  11. Frank-n-Stan
  12. Most of Nothing
  13. Pleasure Island
  14. Deep and Wide
  15. Christmas un Drasco
  16. Sick in Bed, Teddy
  17. Sermonetiquette
  18. The Chance Meeting
  19. One Inch from Dumb
  20. Throwing out the Baby
  21. Feesno '81
  22. Frozen Yogurt Stan
  23. Stan's Postlude