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Ethereal Soul

Funk / Alternative / Metal
Liberty, Missouri, USA

Ethereal Soul was a heavy, funky, alternative band that was signed to Blonde Vinyl Records, but never got a chance to record. Ethereal Soul was Abhor Evil originally, and they had a song on an R.E.X. Music sampler. They had offers from Blonde Vinyl and R.E.X. at the time. Michel Knott was a hero of the band, and Blonde Vinyl had better percentages. Knott hated the band name though, so it was changed to Ethereal Soul. The band was 15 when we had started Abhor Evil and were 17 by then time they signed.

According to Jeremy Walla, they were on their way to record their Blonde Vinyl debut when they got a call from Michael Knott telling them that Blonde Vinyl had gone bankrupt. They continued on as a band, releasing two full length independent albums before calling it a day. Ethereal Soul gained wider attention when Jeremy Walla joined DigHayZoose as a second guitarist on a national tour in 1994.


1993? Heck of It
1994 Sounds Like a Cereal Bowl Cereal Bowl Music
1995 Not Bad For a White Boy Cereal Bowl Music

Heck of It

1993? Independent

Jeremy Walla – Guitars, vocals
Brett Haas – Bass
Tyson Brown – Drums
Jarrod Roark or Mike Minter? – Guitars

  1. And She Wept for Her Son
  2. Patchwork
  3. Cloudy Mind of Mine
  4. Focality
  5. Zone Zong
  6. Nausea
  7. Dry
  8. Limbo

Sounds Like a Cereal Bowl

1994 Cereal Bowl Music

Jeremy Walla – Guitars and vocals
Mike Minter – Guitar
Brett Haas – Bass tracks
Tyson Brown – Drums

  1. 6-22-90 (4:50)
  2. Cloudy Mind of Mine (3:08)
  3. Colorless Red (2:00)
  4. Full Moon (3:42)
  5. Nausea (1:35)
  6. And She Wept For Her Son (7:30)
  7. Hindsight (6:46)
  8. Focality (5:03)
  9. Living (4:42)
  10. Dry (5:47)

Not Bad For a White Boy

1995 Cereal Bowl Music

Jeremy Walla – Vocals, guitar
Mike Minter – Guitar
Grady Merritt – Bass, BGVs
Tyson Brown – Drums, cattle prod

  1. Deified
  2. V’Gain
  3. Bury You With a Smile
  4. Digression
  5. Hindsight ‘95
  6. There’s No Salvation
  7. Loving Dedication
  8. Asinine
  9. Stars in My Eyes
  10. Under

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