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Fearless Donkey

Name: Fearless Donkey
Founded: 1992
Founder: Bill Power
Location: Pacific Northwest, USA and Canada



FDR001 Various Songs from the Rain Factory 1992 CD
FDR002 Sometime Sunday Pain 1993 Cassette
FDR003 (unknown release)
FDR004 (unknown release)
FDR005 (unknown release)
FDR006 (unknown release)
FDR007 Don't Know Pre-Release Advance Cassette 1993 Cassette


ACM Journal covered news about Fearless Donkey, including some planned but never released projects:

  • “Fortunately, Seattle's music scene has a lot more going for it than Bloodgood and The Reach. Dozens of bands throughout the Pacific Northwest play real clubs and perform local shows. Fearless Donkey Records has compiled Songs from the Rain Factory with 14 bands from Vancouver (British Columbia), Portland, and Seattle. It captures the alternative and grunge of the Northwest with Clan of Jubal, Gloria, Poor Old Lu, Don't Know, Ashes to Ashes, Scott Anderson, Gecko Monks, The Clergy, Shine Bomb, Lookout, Empty Tomb, Shattered Image, Shekinah, and Solafide.” (
  • “Seattle has a 14 song compilation cd available also. Fearless Donkey Records, an artist coop, has gathered many of the alternative Christian artists who perform at clubs throughout the Northwest into one cd. This Fall they will start work on another compilation project with additional artists including Pollywog, Waterfront, and Blenderhead. Recently, a network called NW Net was organized for individuals working independently in alternative ministries. The goal is to share ideas and information, working together towards reaching youth, and tackle some larger activities like festivals and radio together. A musician's network, NCMI, has also formed to concentrate on the special needs of performing artists. Access to clubs in nearby towns, recording, distribution, publicity, and avoiding exploitative industry people in Seattle are some of the items initially discussed. A 24-Track digital demo studio is in the works, and one goal is “fostering community in the Christian scene,” said Bill Power of Fearless Donkey Records. Chris Estey from Counter Culture Magazine added, “We really want people to know what's available musically … fellowship … etc.” One goal is to tie the region together, “from San Diego to Vancouver, B.c.” said Power. “Isolation has helped the scene, our scene… underground has a greater chance of flourishing,” added Estey.” (
  • “Fearless Donkey Records has begun work on another compilation cd, tentatively scheduled for next Fall, that should establish the Northwest's independent music scene as a force to be reckoned with. Bands like Soul Food and Blenderhead, among others, are rumored to appear on it. Based on recent local shows, it will be a very strong project. Also look for independent releases from several of the artists from Songs from the Rain Factory as well as a few to appear on the next compilation throughout 1993. (
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