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Fools and Strangers

Alternative Rock
Adams, North Dakota, USA

Jay Mindeman also had a band called The Plague.


Welcome to the Far Side

19?? (no label)

Jay Mindeman

Songs include:

  1. Intro
  2. Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust
  3. Welcome to the Far Side
  4. Leisure Suit Zombies
  5. Rachel You've Got My Love

Life to Death to Life

1989? (no label)

Jay Mindeman - All lead vocals, lead guitars, rhythm guitars on “Venus” and “Til I Found You,” drum programming and keyboards
Jason Loraas - Rhytm guitar on “Watching” and “Plead”
Eric Loraas - Bass on “Watching” and “Plead”
Shawn McLeave - Drums on “Til I Found You”
Bobbi Lehmen - Vocals on “Til I Found You”

  1. Watching You (My MTV)
  2. Floating Over Venus I
  3. Floating Over Venus II (Departure)
  4. Til' I Found You
  5. Plead Insanity

Hardcore Beatniks

1989 Independent

Dan Crowley – Lead vocals, backing vocals, guitar solo on “Laugh”
Jason Loraas – Lead vocals, backing vocals
Eric Lorass – Bass guitar, backing vocals, scary voices
Jay Mindeman – All guitars, drums, backing vocals
Kari Drevecky – Drums, groovy handclaps

  1. Pain Dog
  2. I Don't Understand Girls
  3. Bikini Frankenstein
  4. Missing You
  5. Sorority Girls
  6. Blitzkrieg
  7. Renae's Song
  8. I Believe
  9. Laugh at Death (Scream for Life)
  10. I Will If I Can