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Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Short-lived band release this album in 1984 through Refuge Records. Three members of the Joe English Band made up Forerunner: Paul Brannon, George Cocchini, and John Lawry. They recorded this one album that also includes musical help from two other Joe English Band members, Tim Smith and Joe English. John Lawry left to play for Petra in 1984. The album contain nine easy listening melodic rock tunes with a poppy and West Coast aura.


1984 (a.k.a) Refuge Records


1984 Refuge Records (RO3864)

John Lawry – Vocals, keyboards
Paul Brannon – Vocals, guitars, bass, backing vocals
George Cocchini – Vocals, guitars, bass, backing vocals

Tim Smith – Bass
Joe English – Drums
Mike Feller – Drums
Mark Hammond–Simmons – Drums
Sam Levine – Saxophone
Doug Moffett – Saxophone
Jay Coble – Trumpet
Lisa Tucker – Backing vocals
Angie Innis – Backing vocals
Dave Spear – Backing vocals
Mark Helstein – Backing vocals
Brenda Brannon – Backing vocals
Lisa Bevil – Backing vocals
Ned Wimmer – Backing vocals
Gary Pigg – Backing vocals
Tom Flora – Backing vocals
Phil Elliott – Backing vocals

  1. Jesus is Saviour (3:39)
  2. Faith Walk (4:04)
  3. Hard Times (3:47)
  4. Victory (3:57)
  5. Nowhere to Run (2:55)
  6. River of Life (4:41)
  7. Hold On (3:15)
  8. Words Of The Wise (4:00)
  9. Albola (A Little Bit of L.A.) (3:42)