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Free Moral Agent

Ohio, USA


1993 The Goods
1996 Choose to Believe

The Goods

1993 Independent

Raymond M. Harris - Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
Troy McClellan - Keyboards, midi programing, engineer, producer
Gregg Robison - Guitar

  1. Strong Confidence
  2. I Got a Lot to Learn
  3. Let's Play I'll Be the Judge
  4. Rise up and Walk
  5. Remnant's Song
  6. No More Friends (Condensed Version)

Choose to Believe

1996 Independent

Raymond M. Harris - Songwriter, guitar, background vocals
Greg File - Lead vocal
Rick Miller - Guitar
Nick Carino - Bass
Gary Lucas - Drums, background vocals
Brenda Harris - Background vocals

  1. It's Not About Me
  2. The Same All Over the World
  3. Choose to Believe
  4. That's Who to Fear
  5. Faith Appeal
  6. On Your Feet
  7. Don't Be Like Me (fools lament)
  8. Looks Good on You
  9. I Want to Know Him
  10. Why Don't They Call