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Free Sample

Pop Punk Rock
Arizona, USA

Originally known as Flaming Essence, this band was known for being very involved with the Arizona B-Spot Productions/Worthless Records concert scene. One of these efforts included paying for port-a-pottys for a show. They played their last show as Free Sample on May 26, 2001. The band didn't break up due to internal problems, but because the members thought the band had fulfilled its purpose.


2000 …And in the Other Corner

...And in the Other Corner

2000 Worthless Records (WRD-7012)

Produced by Ryan and Geoff Brown

  1. Reflection
  2. Careless
  3. Astray
  4. My Righteousness
  5. Marketing
  6. Carry On
  7. Fumbling in the Dark
  8. Glass Jar
  9. Ayumi
  10. Strength
  11. Some Friend
  12. Super Cool Hidden Acoustic Track!