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Progressive Jazz


Play It Maestro

1982 Lion & Lamb Records (LLC1068)

Lars Ludwigson – Vocals, Fender Rhodes, Micromoog, Yamaha CP 70, piano, Minimoog, Hammond B3
Claes Hilliges – Hammond B3, clavinet, Minimoog, Yamaha CP 70, piano
Per Furberg – Guitar
Sam Bengtsson – Bass guitar
Stefan Wågsjö – Drums, violin, piccolo trumpet

  1. Queen of Nothing
  2. Unborn Child
  3. Bigcityblues
  4. Play It Maestro
  5. Life is Not a Passing Dream
  6. The Old Man’s Word
  7. The Beast and the King
  8. I Was Walking Through the Gardens of the Night
  9. The King is Alive