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Heaven's Thunder

Hard Rock
Ontario, Canada


1996 The Rock Years

The Rock Years

1996 Independent

Mark Deblock - Lead vocals, guitars
Charlie Lambrick - Lead guitar, BGVs
Vince Shepley - Guitar, BGVs
Gord Campeau - Bass guitar, BGVs
Dan “Grab-a-Cymbal” Garant - Drums, percussion, BGVs

Chris Blais - Keyboard programming and arrangements on “Because It's Love,” “Forever,” and the intro to “Mr. Scary”
Trevor Deblock, Marc Sherman, Phil Shilson, Aaron and Boomslang - Shouts and stuff

  1. Mr. Scary
  2. Face to Face
  3. Shout It
  4. Shreddin'
  5. Judgement Day
  6. Searchin'
  7. Forever
  8. Because It's Love
  9. Backslide
  10. Heaven's Thunder