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Experimental Noise
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

An experimental band from the Oral Gestation Artefacts label. Permanent members: Kara Clark (now Kara Holland) alias Beta-Carrotene and J.W. Case (alais Zygurat Consortium).

Non-Permanent members: Josh Blair (now in Orthrelm), 1995-6. Blake Crosslin (later in the Eugenics Council), 1995-7. David Anderson, 1998-2000. Touring musicians: Andy Ortmann (now in Panicsville) and Heather Pritchard (1996). Guest musicians: Thomas Sutter (of Regicide Bureau, 1995), Andy Ortmann (1996-97), John Wiese (later in Bastard Noise), 1995.


Madonna with Flying Head

Bite the Wax Tadpole

1996 Oral Gestation Artefacts (OGA 13)

Kara Clark
J.W. Case

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