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Glam Metal
Reseda, California, USA

This obscure band was associated with the Sanctuary Church. Their only known demo was produced by George Ochoa (of Recon, Deliverance, and Worldview fame). Jimmy P. Brown II (Deliverance) makes an appearance on backing vocals. Tracy Ferrie wen on to play bass guitar for Seraiah, Whitecross, Stryper, and Boston. Ray Vidal would also later play guitars briefly for Worldview.


1990 Demo


1990 Independent

Dana Aaron – Lead vocals, backup vocals
Ray Vidal – Lead guitars, rhythm guitars, backup vocals
Dan Weibel – Lead guitars, rhythm guitars, backup vocals
Tracy Ferrie – Bass
Roland Vergara – Drums, percussion

Jimmy P. Brown II - backing vocals

Produced by George Ochoa

  1. Short Road to Ruin
  2. Holdin' On