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Hardcore / Nu Metal
Indiana, USA

Hubrisdebris was often compared to Rage Against the Machine, Korn, and Sepultura. Matt Miller (guitars) and John Newby (drums) went on the join Catharsis and the Humdrum in 1997.

Hubrisdebris was formed in the summer of 1995. Inspired by bands such as Living Sacrifice, Public Enemy, Sepultura, and many hardcore bands, the members of Hubrisdebris set out to carve their niche in the over-saturated extreme music genre.

The early songs reflect the diverse musical tastes of the various members and one can hear definite influences of rap, funk, death metal, and hardcore in each song. However, after having been together for more than a year, the band has started to develop a natural “Hubrisdebris” sound, combining all the previous elements while not sounding exclusively like either one, rather than the eclectic styles of its beginning stage.

Lyrically the band writes more about personal issues rather than social ones. Most of the lyrics are penned by Tommy and tend to vent his frustration of dealing with this world and of being hurt. Though the lyrics can be angry and seemingly angst-filled, they do recognize the One True Overcomer as the only fulfilling means to salvation and contentment.

The band has been racking up some impressive shows as of late including shows with Blaster the Rocketboy, Living Sacrifice, and Crashdog; as well as local bands Dent, Big MF Stick, and side projects of Birdmen of Alcatraz.


1996 Hope


1996 Independent

Tommy Jett - Vocals
Nick VanCleave - Two ton guitar
Matt Miller - Wocka wocka guitar
Ryan Commiskey - Bass
Jonathan Newby - Drums

  1. Deep Thoughts
  2. Charlie Got Chuck
  3. Forced Humility
  4. Hope