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Humphrey The Tea Cup

Punk Rock
Johannesburg, South Africa

“Vinicio Reyes, front man, of notorious Jozi punk band “The Vendetta Cartel” gives us some insight into the start of the 90’s punk rock revolution.

This is for all of you that were around back in 1997. In the beginning stages of the new SA punk rock revolution. It was the late 90’s, apartheid was over, the South African youth felt free to express themselves and music was becoming more accessible due to the internet.

Out of Benoni came Humphrey the Tea Cup. Their lead singer Scott had off the wall antics. A Bad Religion type front man – like Greg Graffin.”


“This originally named music festival, held annually since '99, showcases (most) of Southern Africa's musical talent. Held at the Heidelberg Kloof Aventura resort, a large open area in a shallow valley, festival-goers are treated to three days (four if you really want to stay, i.e. you're too hung-over to move, or even five if you want to get there early) of roughing it in crowded designated camping areas or equally crowed, technically unpermitted camping areas. You can bring food of your own, but there's a chance it'll grow legs, so why not get some of the widely available, cheap and, above all, good food available from the numerous food stalls…..

On the Punk stage…. Humphrey the Tea Cup, with their new bassist (she is probably one of the best I've ever seen) made a lot of nice noise, even if they did come on stage a little pickled.”


Compilation Appearances

Taking on the World (Croakroom Records, 2000)
08) Supersonic Girl