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Heavy Metal
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA


198? In the Middle of Nowhere
1989 Heads or Tails

In the Middle of Nowhere

198? Independent

Kevin Valliquette - Lead vocals, guitars
Jeff Bright - Lead Guitars, vocals
Steve Kenney - Bass, vocals
Billy Kirkland - Drums, vocals

  1. He's the One
  2. I Stood Alone
  3. Lost
  4. Endless Love

Heads or Tails

1989 Independent

Billy Kirkland - Lead Vocals and Drums
Steve Kenney - Vocals and Bass
Darron Jeans - Lead Guitars and Acoustics
Mike Burton - Lead Vocals and Keyboards

  1. In Time of Need
  2. You've Got the Choice
  3. Now and Forever
  4. April's Grave
  5. On the Way to the Top
  6. Kickin' Back