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Orange County, California, USA

From Facebook: “Fate brought us together. I believe it was at a Crucified show that Peter and Mike decided to start the band. Soon after Shane (bassist for Unashamed) gave Dave Kevin's phone number and Kevin met up with the band at the NIV/POD show in Oceanside. Dave and Garrett knew each other from playing in Change for the Better. American Holocaust our first demo was soon released. After playing all over Southern California and rocking socks off of many fans Dave and Impact went their separate ways. Josh was introduced to us by Scott Silleta of Plankeye. Having a great attitude and being a good guitarist he naturally fit the band. Within a few months we were asked to record for the Tooth and Nail Helpless Amongst Friends 2 compilation. While planning our first tour, Garrett realized he was going to leave the band and focus on his career as a firefighter. Although it was hard for all of us, we knew this was what was best for Garrett. Shortly after, Sean joined the band. Within weeks our second demo Striking Distance was released but due to personal conflicts with in the band we ended the band soon after. Everyone went on to develop many other music projects. On July 6th 2003 our old friend Josh Korkowski and later on known as tattoo artist “Frankie Four eyes” ended his own life. Rest in peace brother you will live forever in our hearts and memories. Never Forget.”

IMPACT was: Mike McKiernan - Vocals
Peter Schrock - Bass
Kevin Chen - Guitar
Garret Rice - Drums
Dave Garcia - Guitar (1993)
Josh Korkowski - Guitar (1993 - 1995)
Sean Schickling- Drums (1996 briefly)


1994 American Holocaust
1995 Striking Distance

American Holocaust

1994 Independent

Mike - Throat
Garrett - Drums
Kevin - Six string crunch
Dave - Six string feedback
Peter - Four string

  1. Never Forget (4:05)
  2. Supressed Too Long (3:47)
  3. Your Choice (4:03)
  4. American Holocaust (3:57)
  5. In Chains (3:00)

From SoundCloud: “This is Impact's first self released Demo. It was recorded on a Tascam 4 track recorder with some awful microphones over a span of a few weeks in Kevin's garage in the early 90's.”

Striking Distance

1995 Independent

Mike - Vocals
Sean - Drums
Kevin - Guitar
Josh - Guitar
Peter - Bass guitar

  1. Suppressed Too Long (4:22)
  2. Broken (4:01)
  3. Never Forget (3:40)
  4. In Chains (3:29)
  5. Stained (4:16)

From SoundCloud: “This is Impact's second self released Demo recorded around 1995. By this time, Kevin had a little more experience with recording with the 4 track and had acquired a few microphones that were a little better which resulted in a more polished recording.”