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Riverside, California, USA

“Innermeans was from Riverside, California and yet another band with an abbreviated existence. They were around long enough to give us this EP but disbanded in the midst of recording their full length. Members of Innermeans included Sean Stopnik, who also played guitar in Bloodshed; Steven Dail, who spent time most notably in Project 86, but also played on albums by Starflyer 59 and The Dark Romantics; Alex Albert, who also spent time alongside Dail in Project 86; as well as bassist Timothy Clark and vocalist Alfred Pedrosa.” (from


1996 Innermeans (demo)
1997 Innermeans (EP) Solid State / Tooth & Nail Records

Innermeans (demo)

1996 Independent

Kenny LuPont - Vocals
Steve Dail - Guitar
Red Pedroza - Guitar
Tim Clark - Bass
Alex Albert - Drums

  1. Sovereignty (3:16)
  2. Shadow (3:46)
  3. Servant (3:58)
  4. Without (4:10)
  5. Forgotten (4:18)

Innermeans (EP)

1997 Solid State / Tooth & Nail Records

“The artwork was designed by the bands own drummer and was laid out by Don Clark, who as you have probably noticed, is responsible for a lot of album artwork for T&N / SS over the years, as well as currently.” (from

  1. Bloodguilt
  2. Fallingtime
  3. Dischord
  4. Casualtyofme