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Alternative Rock London, England, United Kingdom

Simon and Mags Law founded Plankton Records in order to release an album by their band Sea Stone called Mirrored Dreams. At some point they formed Intransit and released the two releases listed below. Then they formed Fresh Claim in October 1986.


Out of the Dark

1984 Plankton Records (PCN 108)

Steve Hunt – Vocals, drums, percussion
McCarthy Wenham – Bass guitar, percussion
Simon Law – Vocals, guitar
Mags Law – Keyboards, backing vocals

  1. The Divided
  2. Visions of Blue
  3. (I Want) News, Not History
  4. In Transit

Split with Pete Ward

1985 Embryo Arts (EAS5)

  1. Intransit - Micro on the Move
  2. Pete Ward - When I Meets I