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Ishur Ninku

Ambient / World Beat
St. Louis. Missouri, USA

Ishur Ninku is a side project by Rick Mester. According to Rick: “Ishur Ninku began as a side project… an outlet. My band, Sombrance, was recording the Dark Days and Afternoon Sleep album and we had been experimenting with a little electronic vibe on a few songs. I suppose I got a crush on the synths and software as I began spending more and more time after the sessions tinkering around and learning.

Many of the songs on the first Ishur Ninku CD actually came about quickly. By the time Dark Days… was in the can, I had about half of the Ishur disk completed. Sombrance was signed to a record label at the time called Indie Dream Records. The label released a sampler to tease audiences with new music from Sombrance, Deliverance, Spy Glass Blue, and others. Two Ishur songs were also featured on this sampler as well. They were “Shroud” and “The Mystic”.

I have long been a HUGE Tangerine Dream fan and frequently listen to experimental ambient/electronic ‘music’. So when the inspiration hit me to record a second Ishur CD, I wanted to drop some of the structure occasionally and just make controlled noise. So it was that the second CD called Shiva was a blend of beats and experimental songs. Shiva was released about a year after the first disc.

Eventually, I decided to combine the albums into one. The honest reason is that it costs a lot less to manufacture one disc! So I recorded a couple of new tracks, “Mourning” and “Hollow Skies,” to add to the collection as bonus tracks.

Throughout my Ishur career I have been blessed to have my music used for various web pages and organizations such as the Paranormal Task Force Group.

In 2014, I released Beyond The Red Door as a digital album. It contained eleven songs and was originally intended to be the final Ishur record. But recording Ishur music is therapeutic and I imagine I’ll need more therapy in the future.”


2002 Ishur Ninku
2003 Shiva
2006 Contemplation: A Collection
2014 Beyond The Red Door

Ishur Ninku

2002 Independent

Rick Mester - All programming, instruments, music, and words

Produced and mastered by Rick Mester

  1. Hindu (1:46)
  2. Persia (3:29)
  3. The Faraway Sigh (4:02)
  4. Dawn of RA (3:25)
  5. Plague (3:31)
  6. Cold (3:25)
  7. The Coming Sun (2:50)
  8. Bloodsoul (3:07)
  9. Hate (3:02)
  10. Out To the Unknown (0:58)

Shiva (out of print)

2003 Independent

Rick Mester - Guitars, vocals, bass, synths, programing, and other noises

Angel Poe - Additional vocals on “Asian Rain”

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Rick Mester

All words and music written by Rick Mester

  1. Dreams: Circa 1010 (Part 1)
  2. Cosmic Sojourne
  3. Spirit Rising
  4. Gored and Trembling
  5. Asian Rain
  6. Solemn Mindscape
  7. REM Galaxy
  8. Dreams: Circa 1010 (Part 2)

Contemplation: A Collection

2006 Independent

  1. Hindu
  2. Persia
  3. The Faraway Sigh
  4. Dawn of RA
  5. Plague
  6. Cold
  7. The Coming Sun
  8. Bloodsoul
  9. Hate
  10. Out To the Unknown
  11. Dreams: Circa 1010 (Part 1)
  12. Cosmic Sojourn
  13. Spirit Rising
  14. Gored and Trembling
  15. Asian Rain
  16. Solemn Mindscape
  17. REM Galaxy
  18. Dreams: Circa 1010 (Part 2)
  19. Hollow Skies (previously unreleased)
  20. Mourning (previously unreleased)

Beyond The Red Door

2014 Independent

Rick Mester - Guitars, synth, programming, bass, vocals, and random sounds

All songs written, recorded, and composed by Rick Mester

Mixed and Mastered by Rick Mester

  1. So Down Song
  2. The Mystic
  3. Latsona
  4. Ice Adorned
  5. Empire
  6. Space
  7. Amani
  8. Who Can Separate? (bonus demo track)
  9. My Place (bonus demo track)
  10. The Mystic (bonus bass mix)
  11. Shroud (bonus first Ishur Ninku demo)