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J. Edward Keyes & His Orchestra

Noise / Indie Rock
Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA

“Joseph Edward Keyes, aka J. Edward Keyes, is a music critic. In the late '90s, he briefly had a noise project called J. Edward Keyes & His Orchestra and self-released two cassettes that were sold at shows and via mail-order.”


1996 Codependence Day
1997 Insecurity Blanket

Codependence Day

1996 Independent

J. Edward Keyes - Lead vocals, electric guitar, drum programming, piano, electronics, saxophone
Chris Keyes - Electric guitar, clavichord

  1. Lo-Fi God
  2. Very Good Friends
  3. Long Story Short
  4. Swingset
  5. Codependence Day
  6. South Side Fellowship Hall
  7. Pressure (Suck)
  8. Superstar Number One
  9. You Smell Like Christmas
  10. Wow Bob Wow

“Recorded and Mixed in The Abyss June, 1996 on the most lo-fi of equipment.”

Insecurity Blanket

1997 Independent

“This record was designed to be played at night. Due to budget constraints, this album was recorded live, with no overdubs or re-mastering. All sounds and voices by J. Edward Keyes.”

  1. Ventilator Head
  2. Craze
  3. Machine
  4. Trap
  5. Last Rites (There is No Sky)
  6. Whiskey Jones
  7. Insecurity Blanket
  8. Vanishing Act
  9. Asylum
  10. (My Brain is a) Bomb

“Last Rites (There is No Sky)” written by Ojo Taylor