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Jacob's Well

Hard Rock
Adelaide, Australia

Jacob's Well formed in Adelaide, South Australia in mid 1985 when guitarist/ vocalist, Glen Cannon, along with long time friends, brothers John and David Owens joined together with the intention of reaching out to the world with spiritual lyrics over good, solid rock music.

They emerged at a time when many new Christian rock bands from around the world were already starting to appear. They gained some support by local radio station 5PBA-FM and 5MMM who both had Christian radio shows at the time. They have been support acts for both Stryper and Whitecross in Adelaide and have a featured track called “It's Time to Turn” on a compilation album called The Lightworks Project in 1986.

Over the next four years they developed a distinctive raw and heavy sound that appeals to many ears, their main influences being Rush, Yes, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin. These styles reflect strongly in their music. They have a burning desire to spread the Gospel by using convicting and spiritual lyrics.

In 1988 an extra vocalist, Drew Reeve, was added to the band until they disbanded in 1989.

The band reformed in 2011 and recorded a new album called Dei Gratia.


1986 Fight for Paradise
2011 Fight for Paradise (re-issue)
2011 Dei Gratia

Fight for Paradise

1986 Independent
2011 Independent

Glen Cannon - Lead vocals, harmonies, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, strange noises
John Owens - Bass guitar, Spanish backing, harmony vocals, bankruptcy
David Owens - Acoustic and electrical percussion, harmony vocals, strange grunting noises

  1. Loving Heart (6:08)
  2. Consult the King (4:44)
  3. Calvary Hill (4:42)
  4. Fight for Paradise (4:10)
  5. Return of the King (5:34)
  6. Living Again (5:17)
  7. Prayer for Salvation (7:10)

Dei Gratia

2011 Independent

This album consists of some tracks from days gone by that were never recorded and some new ones. It also includes two bonus tracks: “He's Our King” from 1987 and “This is Dawn” from 1988 that were recorded but never released. Dei Gratia is Latin for “by the grace of God.”

  1. Alpha & Omega (4:43)
  2. Isaiah (3:55)
  3. Alive (3:58)
  4. Return of the King (reprise) (4:10)
  5. Dei Gratia (3:33)
  6. Realtà (4:02)
  7. Why? (5:09)
  8. He's Our King (3:35)
  9. This is Dawn (6:59)

Compilation Apperances

The Lightworks Project (1986)
“It's Time to Turn”