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Jacob's Well

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

An interesting combo of hardcore & rapcore, this band was fun live. Drummer Ryan Matzen also played in the popular Omaha hardcore band Eyecore.

“My old band Dead Serpent (we were still Empty Tomb at that point) gigged with them at least 3 times, and they were fun guys. Main vocalist Mark Rabuck really had a heart for ministry, and was a much better speaker from the stage than I was. We were attempting to get a running gig set up where several of the Lincoln-Omaha bands (Jacobs Well, my band, Eyecore, System Failure, etc) would all gig together and support each other, but it was very preliminary & never materialized. When Empty Tomb changed our name to Dead Serpent after the loss of our drummer, we were never the same, and I lost touch with Mark. I bought their 2nd album shortly thereafter from a used music store in Lincoln.” - MetalFRO

Jacob's Well has been together for 3 years, consisting of:

Mark Rabuck, bass and vocals, age 29. Mark has been playing bass for about 15 years now and found Jesus at 21. Mark started Jacob's Well 3 years ago when he put an ad in the paper for a guitar player, that's how he met Jason Platt.

Jason Platt, guitar and vocals, age 21. Jason has been playing guitar for 7 years and found Jesus at the age of 15. Together Matt and Jason put an ad in the paper for a drummer, that's how they met Ryan Matzen.

Ryan Matzen, drummer, age 22. Ryan has been playing drums for 7 years and found Jesus at 21.

Jacob's Well has done 110 shows at this time opening for acts like The Supertones, Value Pac, Morella's Forest, Grammatrain, Puller, Fan Mail, and Massivivid. Our current CD is our second release and we are now on our own independent label, Stiff Arm Records. We have been played on several Radio Stations around the country and been on 2 National Compilations as of now 12/14/99.

We are in this band to tell people about Jesus, how He saves, how He changes you for the better and how He is the only way to Eternal Life. We also want to show that Christian Lyrics don't take away from how much a song can rock out. Also, a lot of people think that to be a Christian you can't have anymore fun, we want to show them that when you become a Christian the fun has just begun.

God bless, Jacob's Well



1996 Living Water
199? Jacob's Well
1999 Within the Circle

Living Water

1996 Independent

Demo cassette

Jacob's Well

199? Independent

Within the Circle

1999 Independent

  1. Alone
  2. Situation
  3. Hide
  4. Clean Slate
  5. Should Be
  6. Deceived
  7. In Front
  8. Jealousy
  9. Weak
  10. Bag O Bones
  11. We Give You
  12. There They Are

Note about “In Front” from Mark of Jacob's Well:

This song is about a friend of mine who I have who I have known since childhood who believes that he doesn't have to believe in Jesus and that he can pray to God and get the same results. He feels so strongly against Jesus that he won't even read the New Testament. I just keep trying to convince him, with the help of the Holy Spirit, that we all need Jesus to forgive our sins and receive the gift of Salvation. This song is dedicated to anyone who has a friend or family member that they are trying to acknowledge Jesus and receive His gift of Salvation, never give up!

- Mark and Jacob's Well