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J.C. Rose

Rock/New Wave
Yorba Linda, California, USA

Band:J.C. Rose
Years Active:1978-1979
Associated Acts:Boaz, The Lifesavors, Undercover

J.C. Rose is an early Christian alternative band that probably, along with the band Boaz, started around 1978. J.C. Rose and Boaz both had line-ups that were changing and intermixing. Members of The Lifesavors and Undercover came from both of these bands at one point.

J.C. Rose was described by John J. Thompson as “edgier than Larry Norman and Love Song.” According to Joey Taylor, Boaz was more rock and J.C. Rose was more progressive. Boaz then decided to venture into punk and new wave and J.C. Rose followed. By 1979, J.C. Rose was Jim Nicolson, Joe Taylor, and Dave Hackbarth. J.C. Rose was also noted as having a demo tape, but it is unknown if Boaz ever recorded.

Gary Wilson tells what he remembers of J.C. Rose in the book God's Not Dead (And Neither Are We). As of 1979, Jim Nicolson and Joe Taylor were both in the band, and they had a tape that Wilson liked. They were eventually able to convinced Wilson to join on drums. About 4-6 weeks after he joined, the band split up.

Jim Nicolson, Joe Taylor, Danny Pavlis (drums), and Ric Alba (bass) started Undercover. Undercover started rehearsing in a greenhouse owned by Danny’s parents. Chris Wimber and Ray Hersom formed The Lifesavors.

Ric Alba had this to say about the two bands:

““I played keys in Boaz starting in 1978. I met them when my drummer-since-childhood Frank Pipitone auditioned and joined J.C. Rose. Frank and I had 'got saved' at a hippie bible study group at the home of Ross Mann, and we had a hippy folk trio with Ross that broke up when Frank joined J.C. Rose. Ojo had a friend, Chris Wimber, with a band that needed a singer and keyboard player, so Ross and I joined up and there was Boaz.

“Chris’ dad being John Wimber, we found ourselves opening for Lonnie Frisbee a number of times. Then we got some local notoriety for going, (gasp) “New Wave” when I wrote the song, “Francine” in 1979. This was the only Boaz song to outlive the big switcheroo of personnel when J.C. Rose and Boaz became Undercover and The Lifesavors.

“I had secretly idolized Taylor and Nicholson for their prog-rock abilities, as I was becoming a huge fan of Yes and Chris Squire at the time. I would have muscled my way into a band with them sooner but J.C. Rose’s bassist, Jerry Davis, had become a good friend of mine and I respected that. Jerry became John’s bassist for the Vineyard worship team, which lasted many years after that.”
Known Members
  • Jim Nicolson - Vocals, guitar
  • Joe Taylor - Vocals, keyboards
  • Dave Hackbarth - keyboards
  • Ric Alba - bass
  • Jerry Davis - bass
  • Frank Pipitone - drums
  • Gary Wilson - drums (last 4-6 weeks of the band)


1979 Demo
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