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Heavy Metal
Redondo Beach, California, USA

“Jordan was formed in the Summer of 1987, and played over 200 concerts between then and 1993, making them one of the busiest independent Christian bands in southern California at that time. They distributed thousands of their self-released recordings worldwide, which received rave reviews from writers of CCM, Heaven's Metal (HM), White Throne, and many other publications. Through the years they performed with such Christian metal groups as Whitecross, Deliverance, Barren Cross, Bloodgood, The Crucified, Bride, Vengeance Rising, Guardian and others. They performed at many major music festivals including Cornerstone (Illinois), Superfest (California), and Metal Quest (Wyoming), as well as the HIS Festivals and Metal Midnight Festivals in southern California. Jordan was the featured band in 1990 for KNAC Day at Snow Valley Ski Resort. Jordan songs were heard on KFSG, KYMS and other radio stations. Best of all, Jordan had the opportunity of seeing hundreds of people accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior at their concerts.

Lead singer / guitarist Rod Van Beek was also the associate worship director at Sanctuary South Bay, home of pastor Bob Beeman and worship leader Jim La Verde (also of Barren Cross). He wrote songs which appeared on the Frontline Records albums Sanctuary Praise and Sanctuary Praise: Hiding Place, including one song which was performed by Christian music icon Darrell Mansfield. Rod is currently the owner of The Sound Connection, a successful southern California sound & lighting company. Jordan's second drummer, Eric Wilkins, went on to be the drummer for internationally acclaimed recording artists Every Day Life (a.k.a. EDL). Another Jordan drummer, John Waldron is currently the drummer for Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, home of pastor Chuck Smith.

On August 26, 2000 Jordan reunited and performed at the Sanctuary Reunion Concert 2000, along with Neon Cross, Recon, Vengeance Rising and others. They were featured on a live album of this concert which was released sometime in 2002 by Magdalene Records and distributed by They also performed at Extreme Mardi Gras in August of 2002.”


1987 Jordan
1990 End of the Rainbow
1993 Blue Demo
1994 Collective Rain: 1987-1993


1987 Independent

Rod Van Beek – Lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass
Doug Dameron – Bass, vocals
Joe Hardy – Drums, percussion

  1. Caught Me Falling Away
  2. Love
  3. Outta Line
  4. The Light
  5. Amen
  6. Lord and King
  7. Do You Believe
  8. Personal Twilight Zone

End of the Rainbow

1990 Independent

Rod Van Beek – Lead vocals, guitars, keyboards
Doug Dameron – Bass, background vocals
Joe Hardy – Drums

  1. End of the Rainbow
  2. Calvary
  3. Holding on to You
  4. Running Outta Love

Blue Demo

1993 Independent

  1. Get Out
  2. The Road
  3. Ridin' for Jesus

Collective Rain: 1987-1993

1994 Independent

  1. End of the Rainbow
  2. Road
  3. Get Out of My Life
  4. Calvary
  5. Running Out of Love
  6. Bikers for Christ Anthem
  7. Holding on to You
  8. Outta Line
  9. Love
  10. Amen
  11. Tearing Down the Memorial