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Alternative Rock
England, United Kingdom

“Popular indie pop band K have changed their name to Kato. The band, under the leadership of Keith Ayling, now sport a 4-piece line up and have recently released 'The Thirty Nine Steps', a 7-track mini-album.”


1992 Tell
1993 Know
1995 Sense
1996 The Showreel


1992 Independent

Mick Buckley
Mark Cowley
Tim Allen
John Gill
Keith Ayling

  1. She Says (2:46) (Ayling)
  2. Big Sky (2:58) (Ayling)
  3. Crazy {3:22) (Ayling)


1993 Independent

Keith Ayling - vocals
Mick Buckley
Mark Cowley
Tim Allen
John Gill

All songs written by Ayling, except Hard Times - lyrics taken from a song by Walmsley / Smith, music by K

  1. Hard Times
  2. Hide
  3. The Last Time
  4. What Is It?
  5. Crazy
  6. Angel


1995 Independent

Keith Ayling
Mick Buckley
Mark Cowley
Simon Allen
Bern Smith

All songs by Keith Ayling

  1. My Imaginary Friend
  2. Everybody Loves Me
  3. If I Ever Stop
  4. Listen
  5. Give It Up
  6. Everything

The Showreel

1996 Independent