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Kerith Ravine

Alliance, Ohio, USA

From Bulletproof Music: “Hailing from the small town of Alliance, Ohio, this foursome exudes a genuine passion for innovation and emotion through their music and patiently crafts each of their songs to its best.

The result lands musically somewhere between Radiohead and Chopin - with touches of Jeremy Enigk and Smashing Pumpkins surfacing from time to time. While far from oblique or dodgy, the band's lyrics stand well on their own as poetry and serve to inspire both contemplation and devotion among believers.

The name Kerith Ravine references I Kings 17, in which God told Elijah to go and rest himself in the ravine of Kerith. It was there that ravens brought Elijah food and he was at peace.”

From BandCamp: “Mixing a bit of the ancient with the cutting edge, Kerith Ravine attempted to create a new wave of music called “engineering rock.” The result landed somewhere between Radiohead and Chopin.”


199? Forever Dreaming EP
1998 Kerith Ravine / Cpt. Nemo (split) Burgundy Records
1999 The Drafting Sessions
2000 The Streams of Jettison Bulletproof Music
2001 Lined Up in Pairs We Wait for What Comes Next
2007 From the Horse's Eye

Forever Dreaming EP

199? Independent

  1. Swift and Shifting
  2. Frozen Beautiful
  3. Rose Velvet Road
  4. I Can't
  5. Fading Magnificent
  6. Fail

Kerith Ravine / Cpt. Nemo

1998 Burgundy Records

Kerith Ravine's second studio recording. Released on a split 7“ by Burgundy Records in 1998.

Michael Shepard - Guitar, vocals
James Nisly - Guitar
Adam Ladd - Bass
Brian Yoder - Drums

  1. Kerith Ravine - The Woods (6:10)
  2. Cpt. Nemo - Buried

The Drafting Sessions

1999 Independent

Michael Shepard - Guitar, vocals
James Nisly - Guitar
Adam Ladd - Bass
Brian Yoder - Drums

  1. Cast Iron Rubies (6:40)
  2. Outlines of Programming (8:10)
  3. Alone on an Axis (6:09)
  4. The Mystery of December (6:21)
  5. Tomorrowland (7:38)
  6. Catching Skyfire (3:15)

The Streams of Jettison

2000 Bulletproof Music | (BPD3049)

Michael Shepard
Adam Ladd
Brian Yoder
Patrick Boyle

Produced by Jesse Sprinkle and Kerith Ravine

  1. A Gentleman's Strange Dream (5:58)
  2. Markline the Yellowfields (5:56)
  3. A Mirror's Vacant Tale (2:19)
  4. The 14th Man is a Prism (4:46)
  5. Tranquil Robotics and the Problem of Rusting (6:19)
  6. Outlines of Programming (8:36)
  7. A Lament for the Snowtunnel (5:17)
  8. Prelude to Rain Clouds (7:54)
  9. Fenton (6:23)
  10. Cast Iron Rubies (16:06)

Lined Up in Pairs We Wait for What Comes Next

2001 Independent

  1. A Glimpse Through the Green Window (3:51)
  2. Sebastian's Arrows (6:39)
  3. Trails to the Underworld (8:56)

From the Horse's Eye

2007 Independent

The members of Kerith Ravine reunited for two days in the summer of 2007. “From the Horse's Eye” was recorded during this brief session.

  1. From the Horse's Eye (7:27)


The Emo Diaries: Chapter Five (2000 Deep Elm Records)
08) Two Empty Bottles (6:43)