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Alternative Rock
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Legion was a Canadian Alternative Rock band from Windsor Ontario Canada. The band was formed in 1983 by band members Paul Appler, Rob Palombo, Joao Carvalho, and Jim Fox. In 1984 Legion was signed to a recording contract with Indie label JLT Records and one year later recorded their first album, Evening Dance, in Montreal’s Tempo Studios. The Producer for this album was Brian Danter (Teaze) and the album was engineered by Billy Szawlowski (Luba, April Wine, Aldo Nova). The first single from this album was “Rachel.” In December 1985 it climbed to #7 on the RPM Canadian Content Charts and top 20 on the RPM Canadian AC Charts. On the heels of this success, Legion was signed by Embryo Arts (in Belgium) and “Rachel” was distributed in Europe by CBS. It soon received radio play and charted Top 10 in Holland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. “Rachel” was also played on stations throughout Europe, Israel, and Russia. In 1986 Legion began pre-production on their second album but before full production began the band broke up. JLT Records then, finally, released the full album (Evening Dance) in 1988. Recently JLT has re-released an old EP, Red Square, containing songs recorded before Evening Dance, and a live album Legion Live recorded in 1986.


1986 Red Square JLT Records
1986 Legion Live JLT Records
1988 Evening Dance JLT Records

Red Square

1986 JLT Records

  1. Still Falls
  2. Red Square
  3. Days Before Nights
  4. Wild Rivers
  5. What's Going On
  6. Short of Glory

Legion Live

1986 JLT Records

  1. Earth Under Foot
  2. Trees by the River
  3. Throughout the Years
  4. Maybe Someday
  5. I Am Me
  6. Young Lovers
  7. Everything
  8. Rachel
  9. Evening Dance

Evening Dance

1988 JLT Records

  1. Evening Dance
  2. Short of Glory
  3. Wild Rivers
  4. Rachel
  5. Everything
  6. Still Falls the Rain
  7. Young Lovers
  8. Earth Under Foot
  9. Throughout the Years
  10. Yeldem