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Lies Damned Lies

Alternative Rock
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom


1989 Love Among The Ruins (single) Siren Records
1990 Lies Damned Lies Siren Records
1990 Lonely Together (single) Siren Records
1990 Say You Won't Forget Me (single) Siren Records
1991 Flying Kites Sticky Music
1993 The Human Dress Sticky Music
1994 Release the Peace Sticky Music
1995 Greatest Bits: B-Sides and Demos 1988-1993 Sticky Music
1996 Lamentations Sticky Music
2002 Last Place on the Map Sticky Music

Love Among the Ruins (single)

1989 Siren Records

7" version
  1. Love Among the Ruins (3:54)
  2. Nothing (4:00)
12" version 1
  1. Love Among the Ruins [single version] (3:54)
  2. Nothings (4:00)
  3. Love Among the Ruins [extended remix] (6:18)
  4. I'd Rather Go to Heaven
12" version 2
  1. Love Among the Ruins [mix no. 6]
  2. Love Among the Ruins [single version)]
  3. Years Ago [live version]
CD single version
  1. Love Among the Ruins
  2. Keeping Things
  3. Years Ago [live version]
  4. You Laugh [live version]

Lies Damned Lies

1990 Siren Records (SRNCD28)

Steve Butler - Vocals
Charlie Irvine - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dot Reid - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Ian Maidman - Bass
Richie Stevens - Drums
Written-By – Irvine, Reid, Butler

  1. Say You Won't Forget Me (4:15)
  2. Can't Leave You Alone (3:42)
  3. Lonely Together (4:37)
  4. Years Ago (3:39)
  5. Keeping Love Alive (3:42)
  6. Give Me Love (4:12)
  7. Love Among the Ruins (3:54)
  8. You Laugh (4:19)
  9. Birds of the Air (3:43)
  10. Believe Me (4:36)

Lonely Together (single)

1990 Siren Records

  1. Lonely Together (4:00)
  2. You Came to My House (3:32)
  3. Loving Hands (3:35)
  4. Only You (4:18)

Say You Won't Forget Me (single)

1990 Siren Records

  1. Say You Won't Forget Me [7“ version] (4:08)
  2. Say You Won't Forget Me [extended remix (6:14)
  3. Ripe Fruit (4:43)
  4. Please Believe Me (3:48)

Flying Kites

1991 Sticky Music (GUM16CD)

Steve Butler: Vocals, bass
Dot Reid: Harmonies, keyboards
Charlie Irvine: Harmonies, electric guitar, acoustic guitar

- Guest musicians:
Mark Castro: Harmonica
Martin Kiszko: Navaho flute

  1. Same Road (4:31)
  2. One Time (5:54)
  3. My Ship's on Fire (4:04)
  4. Tell Me Truly (4:03)
  5. Given in Again (5:09)
  6. Heavenly Train (4:47)
  7. Do You Care (4:34)
  8. Love's Own Language (4:43)
  9. The Big Picture (4:59)

The Human Dress

1993 Sticky Music (GUM22CD)

  1. Fighting to Make Peace (6:17)
  2. Have Mercy (5:42)
  3. Deportee (6:34)
  4. The Divine Image (5:55)
  5. Half of My Life (4:24)
  6. I Can't Ask for More (4:17)
  7. Sit by Me (4:31)
  8. Please Forgive Me (5:19)
  9. My Ship's on Fire (4:30)
  10. The Next Life (7:58)
  11. So Many Ways (2:58)

Release The Peace

1994 Sticky Music (GUMMC30)

“In 1994 Radio One commissioned Lies Damned Lies and producer Michael Wakelin to create a one hour 'special' for Remembrance Sunday. The result is 'Release The Peace.' Taking the shape of a service of worship, and using radio news fragments, poetry and specially written music, the programme looks at war through the eyes of different people - it's victims, those who look to it for liberation, those who oppose it completely, and those who lay down their lives in it.

The music runs continuously throughout the hour, providing an emotional backdrop for these themes.

Release The Peace was first broadcast on 13th November 1994 and is released by arrangement with BBC Worldwide Ltd.”

Produced by Lies Damned Lies and Michael Wakelin

Music written, recorded and performed by Charlie Irvine, Dot Reid and Steve Butler, and published by Sticky Music except for:

“Release The Peace” - Guest vocal by Christine Doherty
“God Give Us Peace” - Written by Doug Gay
“We Are Our One Hope” - written and arranged by Andy Thornton. Guest vocal by Hazel Taylor

Readings by Ashley Collishaw and Moyna McGlynn

Additional programming by David McTeagu
Research by Anthea Cole. Digital Edit by Dave Flemming Williams

  1. Release the Peace 1
  2. All of This is True
  3. Kyrie
  4. Absolution
  5. Weep With Those Who Weep
  6. Release the Peace 2
  7. God Give Us Peace
  8. I Did This for You
  9. We are Our One Hope of Peace

“Release The Peace” - opening with a sample from Bruce Springsteen's version of ‘War (What Is It Good For?)', this sets out the programme's manifesto. War is evil, destructive and brutal, but rather than helpless hand-wringing lets celebrate outbreaks of peace when they appear.

“All Of This ls True” - in the manner of a mass, we now have a time of confession. “I love you, I love you, I give you more weapons' intones the voice, as we admit to God our own collusion in the arms race, and media-borne knowledge about what really happens in war.

“Kyrie” - ‘Have Mercy On Us.' This ancient moment in the church's liturgy is shouted over a swirling mix of drums, guitars and eastern noises, making it a powerful cry of pain and longing. Incorporated in the track is an extract from 'A Cold Coming' by the poet Tony Harrison

“Absolution” - a spoken piece, written by Doug Gay, posing the central question of the programme, 'Who will absolve us from the guilt of war?'

“Weep With Those Who Weep” - a song of identification. Whatever of opinion about war we can join in the grief of those afflicted by it, who have lost sons, brothers, and fathers. The specially commissioned poem by Harry Smart, 'Remembrance,' is read over the same plaintive groove.

“God Give Us Peace” - the intercessions. Returning to the theme of positively pursuing peace, we ask for Cod to send it upon leaders and the led. Musically we're moving up, to mid-tempo funk.

“I Did This For You“ - here the parallel drawn between Christ’s laying down of his life, commemorated in the breaking of bread, and those who did the same thing in war, believing it was for others, for family, friends, comrades, nation. Rather than meaningless loss we have courageous sacrifice.

“We Are Our One Hope Of Peace” - a final 'up moment of blessing and challenge. Peace is possible, but it needs 'deep determination' to bring it about. We finish on a 135 beats per minute rush of optimism.

Greatest Bits: B-Sides and Demos 1988-1993

1995 Sticky Music (GUMMC31)

All songs written by Dot Reid, Charlie Irvine and Steve Butler

  1. Hold Me and Forgive Me
  2. Loving Hands
  3. My Eyes are Open
  4. Keep My Things
  5. I'd Rather Go to Heaven
  6. Only You
  7. Fighting to Make Peace
  8. Nothing
  9. Help Me
  10. Lies Lies Lies
  11. You Came to My House
  12. Everyday
Side One

1. Hold Me and Forgive Me

Help - it's a pop-song… Written for the album that never was (same session as Fighting..). Recorded in Nov '93, at home in Heaven (the studio not the metaphysical place of mansions) with the help of Eddy John on drums. The song appeared later on the acoustic live album 'Human Dress' with its original chorus line - Please Forgive Me.

2. Loving Hands

Help - we've got a sampler… Originally demoed in '89 at home in Bristol and remixed as a B-side by a nice young man called Steve Williams at 'The Greenhouse' - a London studio owned by Gary Glitter…. A gospel song inspired by Mahalia Jackson (who makes a sampled contribution near the end) and including tasty samples we got from Paul King (the Uptown Horns no less). Bass from a nice young heavy smoker called Simon Jefferis.

3. My Eyes are Open

Written and recorded in a cottage in Devon in August '90 but never released. Based around a sampled bit of the party that happens near the end of Sergeant Peppers - 'yeah, actually Ringo drums on this one.'

4. Keep My Things

From the 'Greenhouse' session, and also used as a B-side.

5. I'd Rather Go To Heaven

Recorded rather iffily at home, way back, and curiously used as a B-side on our very first single release for Siren Records in '89…. said something about the experience of getting a deal.

6. Only You

Unreleased demo from '89, also remixed by Steve Williams.

Side Two

1. Fighting to Make Peace

A mastered version of the song from ‘Human Dress’, recorded a couple of weeks after we wrote it on Iona. Great drumming from Eddy John (such a sensitive soul) and beautiful samples recorded in Russia by our chum Martin Kizsko.

2. Nothing

A B-side recorded in Aug '89 at the legendary Soho studio Good Earth (Ziggy Stardust, T-Rex..) and mixed a Maison Rouge by a nice young man called Richard Moakes. The drums were played outrageously loudly by Ritchie Stevens and the bass by lain Maidman - who together played on the Siren album 'Lies Damned Lies' recorded that year.

3. Help Me

From 8-track demos in '88, looking for a record deal. Recorded in the loft (literally) by a nice young man called Richard Bull who radically (for the time) use a computer to programme the drums…. state of the art Yamaha sounds of the 80's - check out those groovy Whasers.

4. Lies Lies Lies


5. You Came to My House

Also B-sides via the Greenhouse session of Feb '90.

6. Everyday

An unreleased demo from the Devon session of Aug '90. We really did hang out at the Hangman's Cafe.


1996 Sticky Music (GUMCD32)

  1. The Sea (9:25)
  2. In the Air (6:41)
  3. Is It Nothing? (5:55)
  4. Lamentation II (2:30)
  5. Mumble & Moan (8:57)
  6. Free of the Fear (6:19)
  7. Happiest You've Been (4:00)
  8. Let Me Go Home (4:33)
  9. Lamentation I (7:14)

Last Place on the Map

2002 Sticky Music (GUMCD42)

  1. Who (5:34)
  2. High (6:23)
  3. Could Have Been You (5:48)
  4. Waking Up (4:19)
  5. At the Centre (5:34)
  6. Let Them All Out (4:04)
  7. Mr Smith (5:47)
  8. Trust (4:53)
  9. After the Rain (5:32)
  10. Great Cloud of Witnesses (4:22)