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Love Children

Electronic / Techno
California, USA

Ronnie Martin (Joy Electric) and Jason Martin (Starflyer 59) started out as Morella’s Forest 1988 and recorded one album of guitar rock for Narrowpath Records that was never released. When Narrowpath fell through, the Martin brothers started Love Children and recorded a demo of techno pop songs. Ronnie gave the demo to Michael Knott as he was forming Blonde Vinyl Records. Michael liked what he heard and wanted to re-name the band “Dance House Jesus.” They decided to go with Dance House Children and signed to Blonde Vinyl Records.


1989 The Children's Symphony

The Children's Symphony

1989 Independent

Ronnie Martin
Jason Martin

  1. Silver Streams (early version of “The Gingerbread Meadow”)
  2. White Horses (early version of “Every Nook & Cranny)

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