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Blissfield, Michigan, USA

“Recorded in April 1998 for East Lansing, Michigan based 16:20 Records, Malachi hailed from Blissfield, Michigan. The band was short lived until the evening members were involved in a car accident coming home from a show in 1999. The accident left drummer Marc Navaro paralyzed, but still excited to be part of the local music scene. Malachi reformed as Emo outfit Tomorrow Feels Like Sunday with Mark moving from drums to vocals.”


1999 Malachi 16:20 Records


1999 16:20 Records

Ron Navarro - Vocals
Justin Wotring - Guitar, vocals
Ben Flores - Guitar, vocals
Aaron Sauter - Bass, vocals
Marc Navaro - Drums

Teresa Navaro - Additional vocals on “Romans 12:2”
Shauna Phillips - Additional vocals on “Romans 12:2”

  1. Set
  2. So Confused?
  3. Behind
  4. We Had
  5. Plunge
  6. Rebound
  7. Loved
  8. Abandoned Seed
  9. Romans 12:2
  10. Tomorrow's Mourning
  11. Follow
  12. What You Wouldn't Do
  13. Feel It
  14. Torn.