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Man & Hammer

Sterling City, California, USA



1988 Jeru-Slam Records (JS008)

David Joo

  1. Skeletons (second version)
  2. Sad Eyes
  3. Noise for Toys
  4. Skeletons (third version)
  5. Running
  6. Skeletons (1st version)
  7. Beginning Again / Tomorrow
  8. Epedemic
  9. Evolution Today
  10. Look into the Mirror

Just Say Noise!

1988 Jeru-Slam Records (JS009)

David Joo

  1. The Newage Movement
  2. Revelation 3:20
  3. Revelation 13:15, 16, 17
  4. One Struggle One Fight
  5. Jesus is Comming
  6. Sleeper
  7. Quietly Now
  8. I'm Just a Sinner
  9. Untitled
  10. Just Say Noise
  11. Something I Wanted to Say

“Conceived and developed by David Joo, this cassette offers every desirable feature that 19 years of experience can provide. Electronic and acoustic noise, plus the use of only premium implements to assure you of the best possible performance and the utmost reliability from the finished product. Whatever your need, there is a wide range of fine quality electronic and other noise from which to choose. Each embodies the same fine industrial experimentation that will provide a rewarding experience.”

Translation of Emotion

1989 Jeru-Slam Records (JS011)

All noise: Man & Hammer (David Joo), except #11 by Ryan J. Allen

  1. The Rythm Gives It Away
  2. Good enough
  3. Brian's Song
  4. Staticlove I
  5. Hypocrite
  6. Faith
  7. Little Children
  8. What Do You Want From Me?
  9. The Problem
  10. Men With Hammers
  11. Be Angry and Sin Not
  12. A Message
  13. Thank You
  14. Peices of Beauty 4

Not Dead

1989 Jeru-Slam Records (JS013)

David Joo

  1. Hang With Me
  2. Rock the Nation
  3. F.B.I. K.G.B. C.I.A.
  4. Maffia (All the Same to Me)
  5. Alice Through the Windowpane
  6. Family Part 1
  7. Crackhouse
  8. Abortion
  9. Mirrors of the Soul
  10. Hip Hop This Train
  11. Not Dead
  12. Amazeing Grace