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Matt Frantz

Industrial Noise

Experimental sound recordings, usually conceptual in nature. Former guitarist for Dark Audio Ensemble. Records under various names like Graphic Versus, Liar's Paradise, and Red Rum Trance.


1997 Graphic Verses Graphic Verses Independent Opposition
1997 Matt Frantz The Fluoxetine Effect: Mystery/Suspense Independent Opposition
1998 Red Rum Trance Zero Tone Independent Opposition
1999 Liar's Paradise Liar's Paradise Independent Opposition
2002 Matt Frantz A Place Where Time Has No Meaning Independent Opposition
2011 Matt Frantz Transport Device Independent Opposition

Graphic Verses

1997 Independent Opposition

  1. Chapter 1: Hate, Lust, & Depression: An Analyzation Explanation & Attack Of
  2. Chapter 2: Confliction: An Analyzation, Explanation & Attack Of
  3. Chapter 3: Us: An Analyzation, Explanation & Attack Of
  4. Chapter 4: Flood: An Analyzation, Explanation & Desire For

The Fluoxetine Effect: Mystery/Suspense

1997 Independent Opposition

  1. Onset
  2. Controlling/Embracing (Tension)
  3. Higher
  4. The Thickening
  5. Treading On
  6. Fateful Compulsion
  7. Farther
  8. Epilogue

Red Rum Trance - Zero Tone

1998 Independent Opposition

  1. Shrill Chasm (Down Into The Rabbit Hole, Down Into The Fault Line, What It Is To Be A Chisel)
  2. Out Of The Ashes (Diazepam Trance, Traced In Black)
  3. Startle-Swarming (He Is Crazy, He Is Really Clever)
  4. Rhythmic Clawing (It Wants Out, You Can Hear It, You Can Feel It, What Is It?)
  5. What You're Feeling?/That Scares Me (Marching Rush, What Do You Mean Creativity? I'm Just Writing Down What I'm Feeling)
  6. Creepwalking (Walk Like A Creep, Walking In Your Creep)
  7. Lungs Filling With Fluid (Lungs Still Filling, Swelling Blister, Slowly Convulsing Violin)
  8. Casting Out/Killing Witches (Pushing It Down, Burning It Back)
  9. Alpine (Acoustic Fallout, Aerial Trapeze)
  10. Oriental Fighting Style (Constant Attack From All Angles At Once)
  11. Lazy Guillotine (Mutating Metal In Motion)
  12. Taunt, Taunt, Jab, Jab (Dominant Monkey)
  13. Red Rabbit Staring You Down (White Rabbit Turning Red, Chaser, Down Into It)
  14. Clash Classical Crash (Confrontational Tones)
  15. Sailing Off The Edge Of The Earth (Suspended In Firmament, Clear Through, A Sea Serpent Myth)
  16. Dead Calm (Twelve Feet Deep, Warm And Translucent)
  17. Snap (A Transcription Of A Dream)

Liar's Paradise

1999 Independent Opposition

  1. Temptation
  2. I Remember When…
  3. Welcome to Paradise
  4. What They Want is Blood
  5. Riptide
  6. I Said I Wasn't Going to Give In
  7. Me Lying to Me
  8. You Have the Right
  9. Pro-Worm Confession
  10. How Could You?
  11. I Slept With Your Wife
  12. The Lover Pays in Cash
  13. So It Was, and So It Is
  14. Temples Built Merely for Keeping Out Rain
  15. Hypocrisy
  16. Gained My Trust and Tore Me Apart
  17. Mailbox One
  18. I Saw the Truth, It's Not Too Late
  19. New Man
  20. Cleansing
  21. Protect Me From Temptation

A Place Where Time Has No Meaning

2002 Independent Opposition

  1. Wading Through The Murky Swamp (3:56)
  2. Repetitive Stress Disorder (4:39)
  3. A Place Where Time Has No Meaning (40:00)

Transport Device

2011 Independent Opposition

  1. Activate (1:00)
  2. Programmed Collisions (1:31)
  3. Transfer of Energy and Matter (2:11)
  4. Illusion of Contact (1:40)
  5. Emergency Beacon (1:57)
  6. 1984 (1:27)
  7. Particle Accelerator (1:23)
  8. Ascension (2:46)
  9. Rotating Machinery (3:50)
  10. Aerial Mine Field (3:34)
  11. Stratosphere (7:24)
  12. One, Followed by a Million Zeros (4:15)

Compilation Appearances

Song on Matt Frantz Presents…The Last Signal (2004):
17) “Oversaturated” (1:00)

Song on Positively Charged Electrons (1999):
15) Red Rum Trance - “Through The Electron Field” (4:14)

Song on Machines In The Garden - Part 1 of the Cataclysm Singles (1998):
04) Red Rum Trance - “Out Of The Ashes” (2:45)

Songs on Collapsing Structure - Part 2 of the Cataclysm Singles (1998):
06) Graphic Verses - “Pure (Abrasive Edit)” (5:55)
09) Liar's Paradise - “New Man (2:53)

Song on Terra Firma vs. Atmosphere - Part 3 of the Cataclysm Singles (1998):
16) Shuriken - “Scorched (In Dust Edit)” (3:21)