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Meekin Pop

Alternative Rock
Seattle, Washington, USA

Nick Barber (Poor Old Lu) played bass and with Terry Coggins (singer-guitarist from Rose Blossom Punch), with some involvement from Damien Jurado. Aaron Sprinkle produced it. Sean Lowry and Edward Carrigan were also involved at some point.


1996 The Baro Sounds of Meekin Pop

The Baro Sounds of Meekin Pop

1996 Independent

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Aaron, Karina, and Elliot Sprinkle

Terry Coggins - Vocals, guitar
Nick Barber - Drums
Greg Nyssen - Univex, vocals
Seth Otto - Bass
Kevin Hyder - the 5th Meekin
Damien Jurado - The Substitute Meekin

  1. Run of the Day
  2. Josh Sub the Governer
  3. Xelpho
  4. Cool Teen Sister
  5. Happy Faces