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Meepo & The Coagulators

Alternative Funk Punk
Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA

One mention of Meepo online: “Redemption is planning a mini-tour this summer from approx. June 22nd through July ?? including a four day stop at Cornerstone. During this we will have along with us Meepo and the Coagulators (Christian Garage/Rock/Punk) and Unity 3 (Rap), hopefully to appeal to a variety of musical tastes. We will also be available throughout the rest of the summer, (with or without Unity 3 and Meepo and the Coagulators)”


1993 Coagulation Across the Nation
19?? The Elastic Lamb Chow Boogie
19?? Miracles & Things & Stuff

Coagulation Across the Nation

1993 Independent

8 Songs, including:

  • Tubular Destruction
  • Dizzy Adolescents
  • The Ole Switcheroo
  • Schizo

The Elastic Lamb Chow Boogie

19?? Independent

Miracles & Things & Stuff

19?? Independent

Songs include:

  • Stuff Like That
  • Tubular Destruction
  • Revolution
  • I'm Not Kidding
  • Throw Out the Food
  • Dizzy Adolescents