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Alternative Rock
Birmingham, Alabama, USA

In 1992, Lorraine Lewis, ex-lead singer of Femme Fatale formed Mercy with Erik Levy, the ex-bass player of Blackeyed Susan. Lewis had become a born-again Christian, so Mercy became a Christian band. In 1993 Levy and Lewis got married. The day after their marriage, they went to California to record their debut album for Broken Records. The album was released in May 1993. At the end of '93, the band decides to change their name into Submission Blue. Some songs - maybe even a full album - was recorded under this name but never releaseed.


1993 Mercy Broken Records


1993 Broken Records (84418-8884-2)

Lorraine Lewis - Sings, screams, talks, whispers, etc.
Erik Levy - Bass, drums, guitars, percussion, vocals

Craig Caruth - Drum programming
Michael Misiuk - Guitar lead on “PLF,” “Once Again,” “Shelter,” and “Tell Me”
Brad Bailey - Drum engineer, 12 string guitar on “Travel”

  1. PLF (3:16)
  2. Dandelion (3:45)
  3. Once Again (2:41)
  4. Shelter (3:55)
  5. River of Love (3:48)
  6. Mother's Lullaby (2:49)
  7. Mercy (2:46)
  8. Morning Glory (4:19)
  9. Travel (3:58)
  10. Tell Me (3:30)
  11. Vanilla (3:50)
  12. Don't Hang On (4:50)