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Messiah Experience

Blues Hard Rock
Pikeville, Kentucky, USA

Messiah Experience formed in the 1980s as Frontline and then disbanded around 1995. They were still known as Frontline until at least 1992. After making an impact on their hometown scene, they started getting invitations to play other states, festivals, and churches. They played the new band showcase at Inner Seeds Festival in Atlanta in 1993, as well as Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell in 1994. They even won a battle of the bands in Columbus in 1991, beating out other bands such as Iron Angel (a thrash metal band that would go on to become Jacob's Dream a few years later). Messiah Experience opened for Bride on several occasions in 1991 as well as opening for The Prayer Chain once. Their sound was branded “cowpunk” for lack of a better tag.


199? Demo


199? Independent

Andy Ballou - Vocals, rhythm guitars
Tony Mullins - Lead guitar, keys
Shane Mullins - Bass
Mark Pleasant - Drums, noise makers

  1. Bye Bye
  2. Mercy Song
  3. Intense
  4. Traveling Preacher Man
  5. What's Left to Do/Tribute
  6. Mr. Pharisee
  7. Come on Home
  8. Cajun Man
  9. Politics of Religion
  10. Eleventh Hour