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Midnight Hour

Heavy Metal
Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA


1992 Fire in the Sky Hype Records
1992 Heat of the Fight
1994 Piercing the Darkness Hour Glass Productions

Fire in the Sky

1992 Hype Records

Ed Rutledge - Lead vocals, BGVs
Darren Mill - Lead guitar, rhythm guitar
John Jenson - Bass, BGVs
Dave Dickey - Percussion

Lynn Rutledge - BGVs
Cathy Davis - BGVs

  1. Fire in the Sky
  2. Shine
  3. This One's for the Children
  4. Take Me Higher
  5. Bad Times Good Times

Heat of the Fight

1992 Independent

  1. Heat of the Fight
  2. Sinking Sand
  3. Bring Me Back

Piercing the Darkness

1994 Hour Glass Productions

Ed Ruthledge - Lead vocals
Darren Mill - Guitar, vocals
Troy Neujuhr - Bass guitar, vocals
Jeff Boots - Drums

  1. Just for the Thrill
  2. Fighten
  3. Run Away
  4. Give Your Love to Me
  5. All Right
  6. The Journey/Break Away
  7. Don't You Cry
  8. Experience the Power
  9. Searchin
  10. Michael's Cry