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Mitch Bohet

Alternative Rock
Chico, California, USA

At some point, Mitch adopted the stage name of Rich Lang and was signed to Wonderland Records, where he released Big Dream in 1992.


1990 In Color Auto Wreckords

In Color

1990 Auto Wreckords

Mitch Bohet – Vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass
Jimmy Abegg – Guitars
Richie Cavanaugh – Guitars
Michael Roe – Guitars
Charlie Peacock – Keyboards, background vocals
Clayton Johnson – Keyboards
Tim Lancaster – Bass
Daryl Anders – Bass
Eric Heilman – Bass
Leo Gunther – Drums
Bruce Spencer – Drums
Aaron Smith – Drums
Jim Hall – Sax
Corinn Hooper – Background vocals

  1. Bottom of It
  2. Big Dream
  3. What’s Wrong
  4. Wandering Feeling
  5. I Owe You
  6. In Color
  7. Ragtop
  8. Paperdoll
  9. Living Dangerously
  10. New Frontier