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Monogamous Fish

Alternative Rock

“Believe it or not, this band started out as a joke. Clayton King was inspired with the name from a video he watched in a scuba diving class and decided to start a rumor about this great new band named Monogamous Fish. It caught on, a buzz was created, and a few of his friends got together and recorded an album. Laugh if you want to, but the band did 2 pretty big tours of the East coast, sold over 8,000 records, raised over $2,000 for a local crisis pregnancy center, and saw over 1500 teenagers saved at their concerts in just under 2 years of existence. There are only 11 CDs remaining of their only release. No kidding, this is a great album, especially if you like John Cougar, Vigilantes of Love early Jars of Clay, or Toad The Wet Sprocket.

Clayton is the Founder and President of Crossroads Worldwide. This non-profit, interdenominational ministry began in 1995 and now includes Crossroads Summer Camps, Winter Conferences, Ministry Summits, Ministry Forums, and Mission trips. He is the author of 3 books and the founder of two bands; Monogamous Fish (1995-1997) and Adam's Housecoat (1997-present). The bands have recorded a total of 8 records; 3 of all original songs and 5 praise and worship albums. Their sound has been compared to Third Day, Train, and Vertical Horizon. Clayton's “The 'Rassling Song” was heard regularly for 3 years on the Johnboy and Billy Big Show (but Clayton has since quit watching wrestling for obvious reasons).”


199? Life


199? Independent

Songs Incude:

  • Without You
  • Lighthouse
  • Where Are You
  • Don't Kill Me
  • Love Wasted