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New Wine

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

“Female fronted melodic rock outfit released this rarity nowdays back in 1986 from Winepress Records in very limited copies and produced by keyboardist/composer Smitty Price. A mixture of westcoast, pop and melodic rock tunes with exceptional, catchy tunes and pompus keys in the vein of Bill Price and Steve Shapiro.”


1986 Cartunes Winepress Records


1986 Winepress Records

  1. Open My Eyes (4:26)
  2. Layin’ It Down (4:15)
  3. When Hearts Are His (2:50)
  4. With One Look in Your Eyes (5:01)
  5. Sold Out (True Blues) (4:19)
  6. Can't Send A Child (3:48)
  7. Use Me Lord (4:02)
  8. No More Compromise (3:08)
  9. Whisper in the Wind (4:19)
  10. Come and Dine (4:41)