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No Compromise

Hard Rock
Wyoming, USA


1992 Set Free
1993 Tip the Scale

Set Free

1992 Independent

Apparently this was two guys that were in the Wyoming State Penitentiary when they recorded this tape.

  1. Reality
  2. Born Once, Die Twice
  3. Life of Fools
  4. Fight the Good Fight
  5. Demon on the Run
  6. By Your Side
  7. Rejection and Lies
  8. In the Light
  9. Fool's Choice

Tip the Scale

1993 Independent

  1. I've Got a Friend
  2. Am I Crazy?
  3. Time and Time Again
  4. Forever With Christ
  5. Fire in the Night
  6. You Can't See
  7. The Flesh
  8. Souls on Fire
  9. Child's Song