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No Laughing Matter

Alternative Rock
Mesa, Arizona, USA

“No Laughing Mattter has been in existence since 1986-1987 in various forms, and with various lineups with the goal of creating thought-provoking music.”

After the band released their album Monstor on R.E.X. Music they had plans to record and release a second album for R.E.X. However, they received a letter two weeks before they began working on the album that they had been dropped by the label. Apparently, their music was too dark for the label. They were courted by other labels like Narrowpath Records and Blonde Vinyl Records, but those deals did not work out. They still played some live, but decided to break up to get out of a contract, as well as disillusionment with the music industry.

A few years later, Scott Roman started jamming with original NLM drummer Dave Blomgren. They brought in bassist David Manzo of Poor Kids Without Cable and formed a band called 120db. Eventually, 120db evolved into No Laughing Matter. Ted Worthless remained friends with the band, but did not join back in the band at that time. John Starkey of Skinflowers Became the guitarist of NLM at some point.

For the last NLM release, Ted Worthless was back in the band, but Mike Hustad joined on Bass while David Baker joined on drums.


It Bites K-Mart Shoppers

1986 Independent

Stripe (Ted Worthless) - Songwriting, vocals, guitar, drill, bass, keys & more
Echo (Dave Baker) - Drums, vocals on “Living Lies”, misc.
Scott Roman - Songwriting on “Don't Put Me in a Box”
Rick Hall - Keyboards
Mike Hustead - Vocals on “Eastern Theatre,” some bass

  1. King in a Stetson
  2. Romans 5
  3. Don't Patronize Me
  4. Don't Put Me in a Box
  5. Two Preachers
  6. Eastern Theatre
  7. Blue
  8. My Dead Lunch
  9. Living Lies
  10. With This Card and $1, You Can Get Away With 11 Murders
  11. Lonely Dog
  12. Eastern Theatre
  13. I Cor. 12:6-11
  14. Life is Like a Handful of Dirt
  15. Religion Sucks
  16. Disclaimer
  17. Colourwheel
  18. Ceiling Fan

“The original recording from which spawned the band which was the brainchild of Ted Worthless! The project was recorded at The Edge of The Earth Studios in 1986, and featured a revolving cast of contributors, but anchored by Ted.” (from

Volume 1/2

1987 Worthless Records

Scott Roman – Vocals, keyboards
Ted Worthless – Guitar
Rod Glaze – Bass
Nate Stiffler – Drums

  1. Thermodynamics
  2. Wildest Dreams
  3. Alone With You
  4. Don't Patronize Me
  5. The Call
  6. We Can't
  7. Don't Feed Me That Line (Ceiling Fan 3)

“Volume 1/2 was originally a demo recorded on 4 track in various family rooms. It includes a tune which was only recorded once by the band and then scrapped entitled “The Call”.” (from

Underground: Brains for the Stupid

1987 Worthless Records

Scott Roman - Vocals, lyrics, keys
Ted Worthless - Guitars, drill, noise
Rod Glaze - Bass guitar, BGV's
Nate Stiffler - Drums.

  1. CF4 (4:12)
  2. Wildest Dreams (3:52)
  3. America (The Great Harlot) (6:33)
  4. Psychotic Wallpaper (3:52)
  5. Alone With You (5:29)
  6. All God's Children (4:00)
  7. CF6 (4:56)
  8. Chosen (4:15)
  9. Torn (4:13)
  10. Don't Patronise Me (5:06)
  11. Requiem (9:27)

“A collection of classic NLM oldies and a few rarities and oddities! The project would precede Discernment by only a couple of months. Three extremely rare cuts appear on this project: All God's Children, Torn, and Requiem. Some of the recordings were live & some were in-studio.” (from

Volume One – Discernment

1987 Worthless Records (WR-060)

Scott Roman – Vocals, keyboards
Ted Worthless – Guitar
Rod Glaze – Bass
Nate Stiffer – Drums

  1. Wildest Dreams (3:00)
  2. Thermodynamics (2:32)
  3. Alone With You (5:06)
  4. America (The Great Harlot) (4:27)
  5. We Can't (6:24)
  6. Psychotic Wallpaper (3:18)
  7. Two Preachers (4:40)
  8. Discernment (3:21)
  9. Itching Ears (4:15)
  10. CF5 (Miracles) (4:20)
  11. Don't Patronise Me (5:05)
  12. Chosen (4:17)

“Volume 1 - Discernment was recorded almost entirely in a vacant house in an orange grove on eight track and is full of raw energy and angst! The passion certainly cuts through loud and clear on these 12 tracks!” (from

Live Bootleg Skate Concert

1987 Worthless Records (WR-026)

Scott Roman – Vox, synth
Ted Worthless – Guitar
Joe Domikaitis – Bass
Nate Stiffer – Drums

  1. Thermodynamics
  2. Wildest Dreams
  3. Alone With You
  4. We Can't
  5. The Great Harlot
  6. The Call
  7. Chosen
  8. Closer Than a Heartbeat
  9. Speed-Killer
  10. Psychotic Wallpaper
  11. All God's Children

“The Live Skate Benefit Concert took place on November 28th, 1987. It's purpose was to raise money to support the Skateboarding club that hung out in our church's parking lot at the time. While we practiced at the church, the skaters would practice tricks and jumps, etc. ! At that time, it was quite a big deal in the area. The concert took place outside in the courtyard of the church, and attracted alot of skaters and their supporters. The acoustics were horrible, as the courtyard was enclosed by block walls! Recorded with a four track! This was also the only recording we have that features Joe “Lizardman” Domikaitis on Bass.” (from


198? Independent

  1. Torn
  2. Closer Than a Heart Beat
  3. Dare
  4. CFV – Miracles
  5. Pain Can Sometimes Kill
  6. Requiem Mass for Oral Roberts


198? Independent

  1. You See It All
  2. She'll Be Sorry
  3. Lament
  4. I Can See It Coming
  5. Away From Babylon
  6. Pool of Tears
  7. Last Night the Christ Came
  8. Your Tomorrow
  9. Father God, Mother Earth

Three Song Demo

1989 Worthless Records

Scott Roman - Vocals
Ted Worthless - Bass
Gavin Affatica - Guitar
Nate Stiffler - Drums

  1. Don't Know a Good Thing (3:45)
  2. Great Souls Endure in Silence (3:37)
  3. Obstructions (3:32)

“This Three Song Demo was recorded back in 1989 in between Discernment and Monstor. It was a six-month experiment with Ted Worthless switching to Bass and the addition of Gavin Affatica on guitar. More of an accessible, straight-ahead rock sound was prevalent on these three tunes. These tunes were in the hands of very few people at the time, and even fewer still today. Nate Stiffler was on drums, and Scott Roman was on Vocals.

Interesting side note: There were two photos of the band taken for this project. Both of the buildings were either torn down or burned down after the pictures were taken. The pictures we took for Discernment were at a train station that burned down, and the picture on the back of the Monstor CD was taken inside the remains of then drummer Dave Blomgren's home, which had caught fire and burned down. Strange but true…….” (from


1989 Worthless Records (WR-120)
1990 R.E.X. Music (7901421-126)

Scott Roman - Vox
Ted Worthless - Guitar
Rod Glaze - Bass
Nate Stiffler - Drums

  1. CF10 (3:51)
  2. Bad Blood (4:53)
  3. Monstor (3:59)
  4. If the Truth be Known (2:39)
  5. Lifeline (3:57)
  6. You See It All (2:47)
  7. Helltown (3:25)
  8. I Can See It Coming (3:11)
  9. Frail & Thin (4:15)
  10. I Need Your Touch (3:36)
  11. Tuesday's Child Awakened (5:18)

“Originally released on Worthless Records on cassette only, This Critically acclaimed project was re-released on R.E.X. records on CD in 1990. Songs like the title cut, and Bad Blood, were groundbreaking at the time of their release. The group was labeled as being too dark or “negative” for christian music, and would part ways with R.E.X just before starting work on their follow-up project. In the words of one Christian Music Executive ….”you guys are the bastards of Christian Rock!“ A label the band wore with pride as they refused to compromise on what they believed was a message and style that God had called them to!” (from


1996 Worthless Records (WR-7001)

Scott Roman - Vocals, guitar
John Starkey - Lead guitar
David Manzo - Bass
YT Baker - Drums

  1. Casa de Viva (3:53)
  2. Sometimes (4:02)
  3. Figs (3:05)
  4. Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen (2:29)
  5. Television (1:49)
  6. A Scent of Hell (3:55)
  7. Friend (3:22)
  8. Way, Shape & Form (3:33)
  9. Blinding Pain (3:01)
  10. Red (2:54)

“This project recorded by No Laughing Matter on Worthless Records (post R.E.X.), included a slightly different line-up with Scott Roman Handling a lot of the Guitar work, as well as the vocals, John Starkey on Lead Guitar, YT Baker on Drums, and David Manzo on Bass and Vocals. Received great reviews but had poor distribution.” (from

In God We Rust

1998 Worthless Records (WR-1666)

Scott Roman - Lead vocals, keyboards, backing vocals
Ted Worthless - Loops, sampler
Mike Hustad - Bass
David Baker - Drums, drum programming, backing vocals

  1. Everybody Sleeps (5:05)
  2. Paige (1:50)
  3. America (4:46)
  4. Belly Up (1:11)
  5. Turbovibe (4:21)
  6. Cocoon (5:16)
  7. Like Tears in the Rain (4:40)
  8. New World 1200 (3:45)
  9. The Pillars of Heaven (1:17)
  10. The Treatment (4:13)
  11. Kickboxing With God (5:53)
  12. The Beauty of Machines (7:10)
  13. Wowbagging (5:44)
  14. Spice (4:24)

“On their last official release on Worthless Records - No Laughing Matter experiments with elements of electronica, spoken word, R&B (on Belly Up), Rock, and more, all blended together into a lush soundscape!!!” (from