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Death Metal
Dallas, Texas, USA

All of the bands recorded songs were released on the Chords of the Grave compilation in 1998 on Cross Rhythms Records.

Alan Tregoning had formerly been in Flesh Walker. Billy Fraser went on to join Discern.


1992 Dead Unborn
1994 Oblation

Dead Unborn

1992 Independent

Mitch Reese - Vocals, guitars
Dino DeBlazio - Bass, lead guitars
Billy Fraser - Drums

  1. Dead Unborn (4:24)


1994 Independent

Mitch Reese - Vocals, guitars
Mike Rizzo - Guitars
Alan Tregoning - Bass
Billy Frazer - Drums

  1. Demonic Permeation (4:19)
  2. Obliteration Conceived (4:05)
  3. Reeking Impurities (3:41)