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Alternative Rock
Kortrijk, Belgium


2000 Hippotraffic Sally Forth Records


2000 Sally Forth Records

  1. Seven Scars of Simon (3:49)
  2. Score Mama Score (5:37)
  3. Highway Patrol (3:51)
  4. Lusty Stealth of Nature (3:19)
  5. Queen of Narnia (3:37)
  6. Love the Silly (3:21)
  7. The Wonderworking Power of the Lamb (3:22)
  8. Araki (2:50)
  9. Poetry of Lines (6:02)
  10. Hippotraffic (2:51)
  11. bonustrack (0:04)

“This Dutch import was released in 2000 on Sally Forth Records from a Belgian alternative rock band that starkly reveals how differently European Christians view the world than USA bands confined to the unwritten codes of the CCM establishment. Not for those easily offended. All songs are in English.” (from a Dead Parrot Records eBay description