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Heavy / Thrash Metal
East Canton, Ohio, USA

From BandCamp: “Formed in 1986 as the band Armored Lion, Changed name to Ozmathoq in 1988, and were opening acts with the bands Noisy Mama and Killjoy. In 1990 they signed to the label Corpqii Productions, and released Dance of the Cobra cassette in 1991. In 1995 the band went in hiatus, and re-emerged in 2013. In 2014 they released their CD-EP More Than a Hero, and can be heard in on many Online Radio Stations.”


Dance of the Cobra

1989 The Furnace Room
1991 Corpqii Productions

Dan Marsh – Lead and acoustic guitars
Kevin March – Bass and backing vocals
Bob Lincoln – Lead vocals
Jim Wells – Drums and background vocals

  1. Psalms 150
  2. Psalms 8
  3. Dance of the Cobra
  4. Final Warning
  5. More Than a Hero

More Than a Hero

2014 Independent

“First recorded on a 4-Track Recorder in the early 90's. The early recordings of Tracks 1-3 are still floating around. When the band reformed in 2013 they added an additional “unreleased” 4th song. The four song CD-EP is ”

Dan Marsh - Guitars, bass guitar
Kevin Marsh - Vocals, bass guitar

  1. More Than a Hero (3:45)
  2. The Great Deceiver (3:21)
  3. Dance of the Cobra (4:41)
  4. Turn Around (4:59)