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Passion to Pass

New Wave / Alternative Rock
California, USA

Passion to Pass was led by Chris Lizotte after The Spiritones. According to Lizotte, their 7-inch record was self-funded. The band was friends with Michael Knott, who had a dream of starting a record label at this time. Knott asked if they would stamp the Blond Vinyl label name on the record, and they did. Other than that, it seems Knott was not involved with much else. The record label is spelled “Blond Vinyl” and the songs are copyrighted to Knott’s TTONK publishing name, but there is no other mention of Knott on the album. The band members are listed by first name only on the jacket, while the songs are only credited to last names. “I Ask You Ask” was re-written as “I Pray You Pray” for the Lifesaver’s Kiss of Life album in 1986, credited to “Chris Lizotte, Bill Robinson, & Jim Akin” as song writers.

At some point, Passion to Pass moved to Los Angeles to get a record deal. Major record labels would give them money to make demo tapes to see if they were any good. They would even do showcases for major labels. One of their label showcases in about 1987 had a band from Seattle open for Passion to Pass. That band ended up getting signed - Sound Garden.

One Passion to Pass song called “Day After Day” was used in 1987 in the soundtrack for a movie called "Valet Girl." At some point, the band also recorded a video for the song "Dreamland."

Akin went on to marry Maria McKee of Lone Justice fame, as well as becoming a filmmaker.


1983 Dirty Tricks / I Ask You Ask Blond Vinyl Records
198? 8-Song EP

Dirty Tricks / I Ask You Ask

1983 Blond Vinyl Records

Chris Lizotte – vocals
Bill Robinson – guitar
Jim Akin – bass
Marc ? – drums

Produced and Engineered by by Brian Fukuji
Blair Birtcher – Photographs
Greg Garcia (The Louvre) – Artwork
Tim Jones – Assistant to Passion to Pass

  1. Dirty Tricks
  2. I Ask You Ask

8-Song EP

198? Independent

According to Lizotte, there is an 8-Song EP by th band floating around somewhere.