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Paul Q-Pek Band

Alternative Rock
Austin, Texas, USA

Paul Q–Pek was also better known as the guitarist for One Bad Pig. At one time, he was also a singer for The Continental Singers. One Bad Pig drummer Phillip Owens was also a member of Q-Pek's band.


198? Paul Q-Pek Band Wrestle For You
1987 Paul Q-Pek Band Passion & Fear
1987 Paul Q-Pek Band Truth Be Told
1996 Paul Q-Pek Touch the Ground Absolute Records

Wrestle For You

198? Independent

  1. Wrestle For You
  2. Hard Workin’ Man
  3. What Color is Your Hair Tonight

Passion & Fear

1987 Independent

Truth Be Told

1987 Independent

Paul Q-Pek - Lead vocals, guitars
Sam Nunes - Bass guitar, vocals
Michael Willoughby - Keyboards, vocals
Phillip Owens - Drums, vocals

  1. Truth Be Told
  2. Kingdom Come
  3. Mrs. Lowery
  4. Boxes
  5. Tear Down the Walls
  6. The Healing

Touch the Ground

1996 Absolute Records (ABD7121)

Paul Q-Pek - Vocals, backing vocals
Brian Wooten - guitar
David Zaffiro - guitar
Kirk Henderson - guitar
Dez Dickerson - Bass, guitar, backing vocals
Brent Milligan - Bass
Paul Chapman - Bass
Chester Thompson - Drums
Dan Needham - Drums
Roger Ryan - Piano
Mark Townsend - Saxophone
Marty Paoletta - Saxophone
Eric Beck - Trumpet

Backing Vocals – Dan Hatcher, Donna Lee, Doug Beiden, Jimmy Marks, Mark Pogue, Mike Bottello, Steve Gruber, The BC & M Singers, Tina Keil, Troy Johnson

Produced by Mark Townsend, Paul Q-Pek, Tedd T, and Dez Dickerson

  1. Touch The Ground (4:03)
  2. Things Can Only Get Better (4:15)
  3. Bring Jesus to Me (4:49)
  4. I (Surrender) (4:51)
  5. All Over You (6:01)
  6. Sea Creature (9:08)
  7. If I Were President (4:36)
  8. Capitol Hill (5:16)
  9. Blessed are the Broken (4:35)
  10. Open the Door (5:07)
  11. Phileo (6:52)
  12. There is No One Like You (6:07)