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Phantom Generation

Heavy Metal / Grunge
Los Angeles, California, USA

“Phantom Generation was born after Paul Cawley's exit from Enigma recording artist Guardian in 1990 to form a new act called Renaissance. Originally coming on as a guitarist for Paul's new project, Michael Jones found artistic synergy with Paul. The band's rhythm section eventually left citing new life goals, but the partnership formed between Paul and Michael was strong enough to reinvent Renaissance into a new project.

Calling upon the talents of Karry Dayton on bass guitar and Gene Provencio on drums, Paul and Michael forged forward using the Renaissance material along with songs from Michael's previous project Axis. With a new approach and an invigorated fresh sound, the project took on a new identity in the name Phantom Generation. The group quickly recorded it's first album Renaissance at the end of 1993 and delivered it up to their growing legion of fans in the rock community.

Citing personal differences, Karry left the band to pursue other interests in the spring of 1994, and Phantom Generation found itself at yet another crossroads. After an intensive search for a replacement, the band came upon the abilities of acclaimed bassist John Quigley. His energetic approach invigorated the sound and drive of the band, and almost immediately the band started the writing process. By the spring of 1995 the group had already recorded their second album Your Karma Ran Over My Dogma.

In the months to come, Phantom Generation solidified itself as a solid contender in the hard rock scene, playing along side other top artists of the day. Phantom Generation went on hiatus in 1996 as personal issues sidetracked multiple members of the band. Their music lives on, and speaks for itself. You just have to listen!”



1994 Renaissance
1995 Your Karma Ran Over My Dogma


1994 Independent

Paul Cawley - Vocals
Michael Jones - Guitars
Karry Dayton - Bass guitar
Gene Provencio - Drums

  1. Love Earth (5:46)
  2. She (4:15)
  3. Skybound (3:27)
  4. Future Shock (6:26)
  5. Conscience (4:03)
  6. To Live Without (5:05)
  7. Where I Was Found (4:25)
Digital Re-Issue Bonus Tracks
  1. Stand Alone (4:31)
  2. Sweet Maiden (4:45)
  3. Tale of Tomorrow (6:03)
  4. Keeping the Time (3:37)
  5. Golden Rule (4:30)

“Renaissance is the debut release from Phantom Generation. Firmly rooted in its album oriented rock underpinnings, the songs create a moving tapestry of pre-grunge rock with metal overtones. Renaissance features twelve tracks all recorded at Summit Studios in Orange County, California with the original lineup. The first seven tracks were mixed for the original album, though the original release only included the first six. Tracks 8 through 12 were mixed later that year and never distributed until now.” (from

Your Karma Ran Over My Dogma

1995 Independent

Paul Cawley - Vocals
Michael Jones - Guitars
John Quigley - Bass guitar
Gene Provencio - Drums

  1. Special (4:01)
  2. What Was and What Is (4:01)
  3. Where Did I Go (4:18)
  4. Can't Let Go (3:47)
  5. Whole (3:52)
  6. In the After (5:16)
  7. The Road Less Traveled (4:03)
Digital Re-Issue Bonus Tracks
  1. Skybound (demo version) (3:24)
  2. Conscience (demo version) (3:56)
  3. Sweet Maiden (demo version) (5:13)
  4. Future Shock (demo version) (4:39)
  5. Where I Was Found (demo version) (4:35)
  6. Special (demo version) (3:51)

“Your Karma Ran Over My Dogma is the second release from Phantom Generation. It includes 7 original studio tracks and 6 more demo tracks from the band recorded before the record was produced and released in 1995.” (from